Hello, this genealogy page is an on going and never ending task attempting to find our roots. It started several years ago and has been put on hold at various times but we always come back to it. At this point, we both are retired and will have more time to devote to digging through records, visiting long lost relatives and meeting new people relative or not.

To your left is an alphabetical list of the primary names we are searching. Should they be of interest to you also, maybe we can share information. We have compiled an extensive amount of information on the Ahrendt, Clemmer and Gramke lines. By far, the Lobaugh line has probably the greatest amount of names, 13,000 tied-in and counting. Information on Ashford and Kerr remains elusive and Morris and Sutton might as well be Smith.

I am trying to make it as easy as possible for people to respond. As always, we can be reached via E-Mail. In addition, an asci form has been added for your use in furnishing this information. This can be printed and sent by regular mail or send it as an attachment to E-Mail. Just highlight the form and copy it to your word processor. Just remember to maintain it as an ASCII file (*.txt) for compatibility. Then, of course, there is always Ma Bell (316) 721-3323.

Email comments, suggestions and/or requests to exchange information to me at danny@clemmer.org