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Seeking information on ancestors, siblings and descendants of ANDREW CLEMMER (b: 1777 in Hopewell Twp., York, PA; m: MIRIAM RHOADES; d: 1854 Adams Co., OH) and their children:
    1. John Clemmer (b: 11-30-1800 in Winchester, OH; m: Mary Virgi Boatman 5-10-1827; d: 6-17-1851 Winchester, OH)
    2. Thomas Clemmer (b: 10-1-1802 in Winchester, OH; m: Mary Whitesel Titus 11-1-1827; d: 3-26-1887 in Independence, KS)
    3. Mary Clemmer (b: 3-27-1806 in Winchester, OH; m: Samuel McClure; d: 2-28-1879 in Winchester, OH)
    4. Israel Clemmer (b: 11-7-1807 in Winchester, OH; m: Hannah Mason; d: 1831)
    5. Henry Clemmer (b: 10-21-1809 in Winchester, OH; m: Nancy Jane Smith 12-18-1832; d: 6-11-1851 in Winchester, OH)
    6. Barbara Clemmer (b: 8-10-1811 in Winchester, OH; m: Samuel Smith)
    7. Jacob Rhoades Clemmer (b: 4-20-1813 in Winchester, OH; m: Sarah A. Clemmer; d: 12-8-1897 in Lamont, KS)
    8. Rebecca Clemmer (b: 3-3-1815 in Winchester, OH)
    9. Miriam Clemmer (b: 12-3-1816 in Winchester, OH; m: William Conn)
    10: Sally Ann Clemmer (b: 3-11-1819 in Winchester, OH; d: 6-23-1869 in Winchester, OH)
    11. Andrew Allen Clemmer (b: 7-29-1829 in Winchester, OH; m: Harriet Cowser 10-1846; d: 8-1865 in Lamont, KS)

Andrew Allen Clemmer was my great, great grandfather. I have an extensive family history from him to date, but have very minimal information on his siblings and their descendants.

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